Quality and Food Safety Policy

Quality and Food Safety Policy

To continuously support the strategic direction of our organization in line with the quality objectives and context,

To establish and implement a Quality Management System, including processes and their interaction, and to continuously improve it by ensuring its continuity,

Ensuring that leadership is developed and supported at all levels,

To encourage the use of risk-based thinking,

Committed to maintaining compliance with legal and customer requirements through continuous improvement activities,

To ensure that the needs and expectations of the relevant parties (stakeholders) are met.

To be a business that knows its competitors in the market and supports competition with technological developments,

To increase customer satisfaction by identifying risks and opportunities in order to gain access to improvement,

To provide the resources needed for the continuity and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System,

To ensure that all personnel are provided with the necessary orientation training and to create a quality culture,

To ensure site safety and management of pest control systems,

To comply with and continuously improve the requirements of ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC Quality and Food Safety Management Systems,

Being aware of the fact that we are a packaging manufacturer used in the food, plastic and cosmetics industry, and in line with this awareness, by using appropriate raw materials and auxiliary materials, by producing and storing legal and safe products, by providing safe shipment and by training the employees in this regard, we are sensitive to people and the environment to be a business

It is the quality and food safety policy of our business.