Plastics Group



Oxygen and light barrier IMLs:

In our day, plastic packaging manufacturers in particular prefer oxygen and light barrier films with an eye to extend the shelf life of their food industry related products. Our company continues to provide packaging solutions in this direction by taking into consideration the needs and trends of the sector.

Extra White:

While the visibility of the content of the container is allowed by virtue of unprinted areas in transparent labels we obtain maximum print quality with the second coat white application through maximization of the saturation and product content of the printed areas.

Light resistant IML:

Garden decoration products, or outdoors in areas exposed to the sun bright and vivid color quality of the products displayed such labels in order to keep our company with high light fastness inks and lacquers are produced.

Double-sided printing:

Double-sided printing technology helps you meet the needs of your customers and the market at higher rates with the double printing area you obtain in your packages.

Extra bright:

Extra bright UV lacquer can be applied with a view to increase the brightness of the products in glossy and clear labels. UV lacquer process can be applied to the entire product or only to the certain areas thereof (local lacquer) to obtain a different appearance.


The gilding applied on the IML labels furnishes your labels with a more elegant appearance.

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