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Plastics Group

IML is created by the initials of the words “In Mould Labeling”. In the simplest way we can explain the process as follows; preprinted Polypropylene (PP) is cut in the form of product and placed in the film mold. Then the molten PP placed in the mold is fused with the label thereby obtaining a final product decorated with high print quality.

In-mould labeling (IML) can be done in the following production processes:

  • Injection molding,

  • Thermoforming and

  • Blow-molding.

Which factors render IML technology superior to other decoration systems?

  • High print resolution obtained with Offset printing technique and possibility of decorating the entire surface of a container increases awareness of the product on the shelf.

  • High performance incident to meeting hygienic requirements in the food industry is obtained due to its being a technology that shows high resistance to sudden temperature and humidity changes.

  • It is more cost-effective compared with the use of dry offset or self-adhesive label thanks to much shorter production time.

  • It is eco-friendly.

  • Inasmuch as the same plastic container can be decorated with different labels it has the ability to address different groups of products with a single mold.

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