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Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Another product produced by our company is the cardboard box for the printing industry.

The packaging products have caused the increase in attractiveness of products especially with the increasing visualization thereof in the eye of the consumers and as a result sales figures of producers have increased. In this way, the significance of box production has increased.

Cardboard boxes which are entirely produced within our company are taken in layers to our company and delivered to our customers in parcels after many applications such as metalized plastering, offset printing, gilding, gloss - matt opp coating, local lacquering, embossing, custom cutting and gluing.

Tooth paste, shaving cream, color cosmetics and EDT boxes with metalized or holographic laminated preferred by the cosmetic industry are produced in large quantities by our company. Cosmetic boxes produced with great meticulousness from prepress to their placement in parcels are appreciated through our esteemed clientele due to their reasonable costs by provision of high efficiency of layers with minimum wastage by virtue of the digital technology.

Raw Materials

The cardboard we utilize in the production of cardboard boxes are the type of cardboards that are mostly preferred by brand companies both in Turkey and the world produced.

Normprint, Exprint, Luxtriplex or equivalent cardboards employed in industrial products and U.S.A. made Bristol cardboards used in the cosmetic and food industries are chosen in line with the specifications of the boxes that can be produced in the range of 230 to 400 g and are used with high performance in all applications.

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